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    Santa Train 2014 Photo and Survey Contest winners

    Wow! We are blown away by the responses to our Photo and Survey Contest.  We had 53 photo entries and 76 surveys submitted.  Since we had such a great response, we have declared two winners, one each for the Photo and Survey Entries.  In both cases, we picked winners at random. Photo Winner: Marce Garcia […]  Read more »

  • Tell us how we did or send a photo, and get a chance to win a 2015 Santa Train Family Pass

    Deadline extended to December 28! Did you join us for the Santa Train this year? We have two great ways that you can enter a draw to win a Family Pass to the 2015 Santa Train.1. Fill out our Feedback Survey below to tell us how we did.2. Send us a picture from your trip. […]  Read more »

  • Seat assignments

    If you purchased your ticket for the Santa Train this year, you’ll know that we have assigned seats to every customer.  We had hoped to be able to contact everyone ahead of time to share their seat assignments, but alas, that proved to be unfeasible. When you arrive at our station, the station staff will […]  Read more »

  • Santa Trains are Sold Out!

    Thank you to everyone who purchased a Santa Train ticket this year.  All of our departures are now sold out.  There are no seats left and we will not be adding any more names to our waiting list. If you do not have a ticket, please do not come to our station on Santa Train […]  Read more »

  • It’s almost a Santa Train Sellout!

    Our Santa Train tickets are almost completely sold out.  We have a few tickets left for our 10:00am departure on Saturday, November 29.  All of our other dates are sold out.  Please call Neal Moogk-Soulis, Retail Sales Manager, at 519-504-0527 if you would like to see if those tickets are left.  These last few tickets […]  Read more »

  • Santa Train tickets selling very, very fast

    Our Santa Train tickets have been selling very, very fast.  Most of the online tickets have been sold.  A few tickets are left at our Waterloo Station, but must be paid for in person.  The station staff cannot take credit card information over the phone. Our volunteers enjoy operating the Santa Trains each year.  They […]  Read more »

  • Thanksgiving Steam Excursion sells out

    Our Thanksgiving Steam Excursion has now sold out.  If you have not already purchased a ticket, there are none left to be purchased.  We thank everyone who pre-purchased their tickets.  Read more »

  • 2014 AGM Notice of Meeting

    NOTICE OF MEETING Southern Ontario Locomotive Restoration Society Annual General Meeting AGENDA 2014 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 2014 Location: Emmanuel United Church, 22 Bridgeport Road West, Waterloo Hearth Room, Second Floor Date: Wednesday, September 24, 2014 Time: 7 P.M 1.0 Call to Order 1.1 Confirm quorum & registration of members & proxies 1.2 Approval of the Agenda […]  Read more »

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Is the steam engine running?

Yes! Engine No. 9 went operational in October 2012.  It has run steam excursion on long weekends in May, June, July and August.  Two more excursions are planned on long weekends in September and October.  Engine Number 9 will also make appearances during crew training sessions in September and October as steam-trained volunteers are available.  These dates are tentative and subject to change without notice.

Is the train accessible?

The train is not wheelchair accessible. There are a handful of steps from the platform level to the car corridor. The first bank of seats is approximately 10 feet from the doorway. Our volunteers are on hand to assist with passenger boarding. We can accommodate most mobility aids provided they are collapsible. We cannot accommodate motorized wheelchairs.

Can I bring strollers on board?

We can accommodate strollers. For the safety of our passengers and crew, all strollers must be collapsed for storage. Children may not ride in strollers while on board.

Are food and drink on sale on board? Can I bring food or drinks on the train?

We offer a variety of pre-packaged snacks and drinks on board for very modest prices. We accept cash payment on board. You are welcome to bring your own food and drink. All we ask is that what ever you bring on board, you take with you when you leave. Please deposit all garbage in the proper receptacles. Please take your children with you.

What types of payment do you accept?

At the Waterloo Station we accept most major electronic payment methods including credit and debit cards. We can only accept cash onboard, at the Market or in St. Jacobs.

Where is the Waterloo Station?

Our Waterloo Station is located at 10 Father David Bauer Drive in Waterloo. The closest major intersection is Erb and Caroline Streets.

Is there parking nearby?

The Waterloo Station has some free parking available. The nearby Bauer Lot has additional parking.

Do I need to buy a ticket ahead of time?

No, though to avoid disappointment we recommend you purchase your tickets ahead of time either online or by phone.

How far ahead should I prepare to arrive?

To avoid disappointment, we recommend that you plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to your planned departure. This will allow ample time to park, either purchase a ticket or trade in an e-ticket receipt, peruse our gift shop and board your train.

Can I buy a ticket onboard?

Yes. For passengers boarding at the St. Jacobs Market, or the Village of St. Jacobs, tickets are available for cash sale on board. We cannot currently accept electronic payment on board.

Can I bring pets on board?

Pets are welcome on board provided they are not a nuisance or danger to other passengers and crew. Should your pet be a nuisance or present a danger to other passengers, you may be asked to leave the train at the next scheduled stop.

Can I smoke on the train?

For the protection of our equipment, and in accordance with local bylaws and provincial legislation, no smoking is allowed in any vehicle or in any building on our property.

Are there washrooms on board?


Is my ticket tied to a specific train?

Though our tickets are sold for specific trains, you are welcome to board other trains provided there is space available. In the event that the train is full, every attempt will be made to accommodate you on the next available train. Our tickets are open return which means that you may board other trains for a given day.