Motion Picture Shoots

Train Charters & Museum Rentals

Climb aboard and recreate the past!

Rent our entire train or individual cars as a moving film set along the tracks. Our equipment was either built in 1923 or in 1950—you can mix and match equipment as needed.

We Wanna Be in Pictures!

Are you filming a historically-set movie with a train scene? We can help! Our heritage trains offer wonderful opportunities for photography and film shoots.

  • Film inside our trains, with our volunteers on-hand to assist.
  • For moving train scenes, we can help you to scope out the best location on our rail line and plan the shoot.
  • Select the right cars for your scene and charter the entire train, as needed.
  • Fees vary depending upon the nature of the shoot and length of time required.

To explore the possibilities, please contact us!

Venue Packages

Rent our Stationary Museum Venue + Rolling Train Venue together! Board the train, take your trip, and then return to the museum. Choose one of our pre-planned packages, or Contact Us to personalize your own!

Equipment Available


  • Steam Engines No.9 & No.124
  • Diesel Engines No.1556


  • Passenger Cars (8)
  • Flat Bed
  • Midway
  • Business Car


  • Red
  • Yellow

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