Magical Wizards Festival

When: September 30th

Train Departures: 8AM, 10AM, 12PM

Night Train Departure: 5:45PM & 8PM

Leaving from: St Jacobs Market Station

The Festival

The festival portion of the event will take place on the Waterloo Central Railway Museum Station grounds (St. Jacobs Village Station at 50 Isabella St.) and will run continuously from 9am to 8pm. The festival will be jam packed with a variety of special performances, fun sub-events and interactive workshops. For more information on the specifics of the entertainment please read below. Throughout the day an assortment of vendors will be present. The festival area will be clearly defined with perimeter barriers to avoid confusion. Only a limited number of tickets are available so purchase yours now! Drive in and park, or train in and enjoy!

Warner Bros. Entertainment and J.K. Rowling are not responsible for this event.


Magic Shows: Let the magic come to life in the form of a busker style street show or a close up performance with full costume magicians. You’ll be left both laughing and in awe from the illusions and magic tricks.

Wandering Duels: Watch for spontaneous duels breaking out between two highly trained wizards, at any point during your visit. Keep your eyes peeled; you never know when two houses are going to get into a feud and a wizardly standoff may arise!


Step into the Dueling Ring and find out what you are made of! The space has been charmed against any other spells except for: Expelliarmus, Stupefy and Petrificus Totalus.

Marauders Map Scavenger Hunt: Try to answer the riddle! Fun for the whole family!

Scheduled Workshops/Classes

Care of Magical Creatures or Magical Beasts and where to find them: You will learn how to track and identify the animals, how to care and protect yourself as well as getting to touch and examine Magical Creature artifacts.

Write your own spell with a magical feather pen: You will be taught to write names in calligraphy with a feather pen. Enjoy the sensation of writing with this ancient quill method used for writing the best spells!

Magic Made Easy: Have you always wanted to learn how to perform a magic trick?  Make a coin vanish? Float a card in the air? Our teacher for Defense against the Dark Arts will make sure you have the basics. Every wizard needs a full arsenal of spells to impress – and defend!


Join us for a magical market place where you can purchase all sorts of strange and wonderful items. Do you need a wand? What about a cool drink? Purchase robes, staves, magic tricks, jewelry or even a magical tattoo. Be entertained by wandering performers, face painters, interesting characters and partake in the scavenger hunt. But beware the festival area is home to all kids of magical creatures and races, so watch out for Goblins, Elves and maybe a fairy or two.

The Pixie Party Planners: Face painting, Glitter or Black matt Tattoos:  Let the Pixies transform you. Whatever creative idea you can come up with! Don’t worry, all face painting and Tattoos are temporary so pick something as crazy as you want!

Magical Emporium: Swing by the Emporium and check out all of the neat magic taking place! Learn your own magic trick to show to others, or gaze upon some of the other magic on display: coins that vanish, purchase a personalized magical map, see objects float or perform magic of your own, or maybe see potions being made! With more than 20 vendors set up, you are sure to uncover treasures you may never have seen before

Steam Express

Nationwide, our 94-year-old Steam Engine is an experience you won’t want to miss. We are the only festival in Canada using a live steam engine! The very large locomotive Steam Engine will leave you in awe with its shocking power. This will be an experience that is sure to fulfill all of your fantasies about travelling back in time.
The Steam Express has 3 rides departing from the St. Jacobs Market train station, in which you enjoy an hour train ride through the countryside and back to the Village to engage in the festival portion of the event. After partaking in the festivities, patrons who arrived at the festival via our Steam Express are able to hop back on the train to return to the St. Jacobs Market.

Evening Events

Night Train: Don’t miss our featured event of the day, our #9 Steam Express Night Train! The Train makes a 2 hour run departing from the St. Jacobs Market Train Station at 8:00pm and returns to the Market at 10:00pm. Ride (duration of 2 hours, ending at 10:00pm) on the Steam Express while enjoying light snacks, complementary with the purchase of a ticket. There will also be a cash bar onboard the train where alcoholic beverages will be available. Remember this is a night ride, so you never know what wizards might be lurking around in the forests! Keep your eyes peeled and you may be in for a big surprise! Don’t worry, there will be wizards on board to protect you!

Don't miss this wizarding event!

This event is SOLD OUT. You MUST have a ticket in order to attend.