On the Train

Enjoy the Journey!

Ride in a living piece of history!

Our equipment was either built in 1923 or in 1950:

  • Experience train travel like a 1920s immigrant in Midway Coach 1437.
  • See how a vacationer in the 1950s might have traveled in Coach 5504 or Coach 3216.

What to Expect

Train Amenities
Food & Drink

You may bring your own food and drink aboard. Or, pre-order our delicious Meal Box! There’s also drinks and snacks available on the train. Please tidy your seats and deposit all garbage in the proper receptacles upon departure.


Washrooms are available on board.


We can accommodate strollers. For the safety of our passengers and crew, all strollers must be collapsed for storage. Children may not ride in strollers while on board.


Pets are welcome on board provided they are not a nuisance or danger to other passengers and crew. Should your pet be a nuisance or present a danger to other passengers, you will be asked to leave the train at the next scheduled stop.

No Wheelchair Accessibility

The train is not wheelchair accessible. There are several steps from the platform level to the car corridor. The first bank of seats is approximately 10 feet from the doorway. Our volunteers are on hand to assist with passenger boarding. We can accommodate most mobility aids provided they are collapsible. We cannot accommodate motorized wheelchairs.

No Smoking

No smoking is allowed in any vehicle or in any building on our property, for the protection of our equipment, and in accordance with local bylaws and provincial legislation.

Riverside Meal Boxes

Meal Boxes Options

4 Kinds of Meal Boxes

Chicken Caesar Salad Meal

This Meal Box has Chicken Caesar Salad, Fresh Fruit and Chocolate Mousse for dessert.

Fun Meal with Yogurt

This Meal Box has a delicious Chicken Wrap with Yogurt, Fresh Berries, Domestic Cheese and Mixed Crackers.

Wrap Meal

This Meal Box includes a Turkey Wrap and comes with Mayo, Mustard, Coleslaw and Chocolate Brownie for a special treat.

Mediterranean Meal

This Meal Box has a little taste of the Mediterranean with Flat Breads and Pitas, Hummus, Artichoke Asiago Dip, Mixed Olives with Hot Peppers. There is a Chocolate Brownie for dessert!

How to Get your Meal Boxes:

  1. Pre-order your Box Meal online up to two days prior to train departure on the exact date/time of the train ticketing page.
  2. Print your Box Meal Ticket and bring it with you.
  3. Pick up your meal at our Snack Bar on the train.
  4. Enjoy your meal on board the train.

Special Train Ride Experiences

Extra fun on the rails!

Introductory Train Engineer Experience

Sit in the engine with the engineer and drive the train! Learn more…

Crazy Caboose Parties

Host your own private party in our market-day train caboose! Learn more…

Private Train Car Charters

Charter your own private midway car or the entire train to create your own rolling venue! Learn more on our Charter Packages pages…