Baggage Car 8759

History of Baggage Car 8759

1930: Waterloo Central Railway baggage car 8759 was built by National Steel Car in Hamilton, ON for the Canadian National Railway. It was originally used as a baggage car and was given the number 8759.

1972: In December 1972, the CNR rebuilt 8759 into a work service car and renumbered it to 57636.

1991: After over 60 years of working on the CNR, the newly founded Southern Ontario Locomotive Restoration Society saved the car from scrap and purchased 57636 for use as a workshop/tool car while they were working on rebuilding former Essex Terminal Railway steam locomotive No. 9. The car was renumbered to SOXX 57636 and became the Southern Ontario Locomotive Restoration Society’s first coach. Following the purchase of the car, it was moved to the Nanticoke Power Generating station, where No. 9’s restoration was being worked on at the time. It was later moved with steam locomotive 9 and the other cars used during the restoration to St. Thomas, where the work on number 9 continued. In St. Thomas, 8759 was temporarily renumbered to LDSX 57636, possibly to move the car. It was later renumbered back to SOXX 57636 shortly after its arrival in St. Thomas.

2007: The STCR moved to St. Jacobs after the restoration of steam locomotive No. 9 was complete, taking 57636 with them. Until now 57636 was stored in the St. Thomas yard and continued to serve as a workshop space. The car was repainted from the red paint scheme that it had on during its CN Maintenance of Way service to its original Canadian National Solid Green paint scheme, followed by the Canadian National Green and Gold paint scheme. The car was then stored in St. Jacobs and was occasionally used on freight photo charters with steam locomotive No. 9.

2010: After the St. Jacobs Restoration Shop was completed, a Head End Power (HEP) generator was installed inside of the car to provide power for the train.

2018: The car was repainted into the WCR’s CP-inspired Tuscan red and grey paint scheme and renumbered back to 8759 (lettered 8751) and was temporarily added to the regular consist as an extra coach.

2020: The HEP generator on 8759 was removed in order to restore the car to a full baggage car. The car is currently undergoing restoration at the St. Jacobs Restoration Shop.

Baggage car 8759 at Waterloo Central Railway in 2020
Baggage car 8759 at WCR in 2020.
Baggage car 8759 in 2017 in St. Jacobs, Ontario. Photo credit Doug Sword
Baggage car 8759 in 2017 at WCR. Photo credit: Doug Sword.
Baggage car 8759 at Waterloo Central Railway in 2020
Baggage car 8759 at WCR in 2020 .
Crane arm inside baggage car 8759 (not original to the car).
Crane arm inside baggage car 8759 (not original to the car).


Road Number8751
BuilderNational Steel Car
Date BuiltJuly 1930
LineageCanadian National 8759
Canadian National 57636 (work service)
SOXX 57636
LDSX 57636
Waterloo Central Railway 8759

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