Passenger Coach 3216

History of Passenger Coach 3216

1954: Waterloo Central Railway passenger coach 3216 was built by Canadian Car & Foundry for Canadian National Railways as lightweight coach 5472. It was originally used as a coach on the Super Continental.

1964: In July the coach was renumbered to 3250.

1966: In May the coach was renumbered back to 5472.

1978: VIA Rail Canada purchased the coach from Canadian National Railways

1983: In January the coach was rebuilt into a café coach. The baggage racks and a section of 4 seats were removed and were replaced with a café. The coach was renumbered to 3216 and worked for VIA Rail Canada for 10 years.

1993: In February Canadian National Railways purchased the coach back from VIA Rail Canada. Upon purchasing the coach, it was renumbered to 40113 and was converted into a work service coach.

2001: Southern Ontario Locomotive Restoration Society (SOLRS) purchased the coach and saved it from going to the scrap yard. It was use on their tourist train on the St. Thomas Central Railway including in their steam excursions.

2007: The coach was moved with the other SOLRS equipment to St. Jacobs and became Waterloo Central Railway café coach 3216.

Present: Passenger coach 3216 is currently a regular part of Waterloo Central Railway’s consist used for charters, tourist trains and most importantly, bringing history to life.

Passenger coach 3216 former 5472. Photo credit CSTM Archives; MAT-02833
Passenger Coach 3216 (formerly CN 5472). Photo credit CSTM Archives; MAT-02833
No. 3216 former 5472 in August 1977 (Photo credit MBernero)
Passenger coach 3216 (formerly CN 5472) in August 1977. Photo credit MBernero
Passenger coach 3216 before being painted CN Tuscan Red in 2018 - Matthew Whiteley photo
Passenger Coach No. 3216 before being painted CN Tuscan Red in 2018. Photo Credit Matthew Whiteley
Passenger coach 3216 (Matthew Whiteley photo)
Passenger Coach 3216 in 2019. Photo credit Matthew Whiteley.
Inside passenger coach 3216
Inside passenger coach 3216
Inside passenger coach 3216
Inside passenger coach 3216
Diagram of 3216


Road Number3216
TypeStreamlined Coach
BuilderCanadian Car & Foundry
Date Built1954
LineageCanadian National 5472
Canadian National 3250
Canadian National 5472
VIA Rail Canada 5472
VIA Rail Canada 3216
Canadian National 40113 (work service)
St. Thomas Central Railway 3216
Waterloo Central Railway 3216
Total Area720 sq. ft.
DimensionsInterior: Width: 9 ft., Length: 80 ft.
Exterior: Width: 10ft., Length: 85 ft.
OtherNo A/C
Some windows open
Snack bar area

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