Passenger Coach 5504

History of Passenger Coach 5504

1954: Passenger coach 5504 was built by the Canadian Car & Foundry for the Canadian National Railway as lightweight coach 5504.

1964: The coach was renumbered to 3243

1969: The coach was renumbered back to 5504

1978: VIA Rail Canada purchased the coach from Canadian National Railways. It was renumbered to VIA 5504 and continued to operate as a regular coach.

1996: Waterloo St. Jacobs Railway purchased the coach for use on their tour train in the Waterloo Region. The coach became WSJR 5504 and was stored in their St. Jacobs yard (5504 was never put into service by the WSJR).

2002: Following the closure of the WSJR, the Southern Ontario Locomotive Restoration purchased the coach along with coaches 5622 and 15000 for use on their tour trains in St. Thomas. 5504 was rebuilt and restored to operating condition and was used on the SOLRS’ steam excursion train.

2007: Passenger coach 5504 was moved with other SOLRS equipment to St. Jacobs, where it became Waterloo Central Railway 5504.

2020: 5504 is currently a regular part of Waterloo Central Railway’s consist used for charters, tourist trains and most importantly, bringing history to life.

WCR 5504 in 2020. St. Jacobs Ontario.
Waterloo Central Railway passenger coach 5504 as WTJR 5504 in the late 1990s. Photo credit
WCR 5504 as WTJR 5504 in the late 1990s. Photo credit:
WCR 5504 in 2020 in St. Jacobs Ontario in 2020.
WCR 5504 in 2020 in St. Jacobs Ontario in 2020.
Inside WCR 5504.
Inside WCR 5504.
Inside WCR 5504.


Road Number5504
TypeStreamlined Coach
BuilderCanadian Car & Foundry
Date Built1954
LineageCanadian National 5504
Canadian National 3243
Canadian National 5504
VIA Rail Canada 5504
Waterloo-St. Jacobs Railway 5504
Waterloo Central Railway 5504
Total Area720 sq. ft.
DimensionsInterior: Width 9ft., Length 80 ft.
Exterior: Width 10 ft., Length 85 ft.
OtherNo A/C
Some windows open

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