Saturday saw a large turnout of workers. Nice to see Bruce Shillinglaw and Jim Hornblower had a break in the weather so they could make it down. Work continued on re-seating the throttle under the careful eye of Glen, After quite a while of lapping a successful seat was accomplished & the throttle was back in place.

We now have 2 qualified tube sweepers, Charlie & Kaitlyn spent a good part of the day cleaning out the tubes a job well done.

Bruce set too to replace the packing around the throttle shaft in the cab, I cleaned up and painted the pressure plate & discovered the yoke was brass, now nicely polished.

Kaitlyn and Irvon tackled the drain line from the air compressor. Kaitlyn got inside the frames, Irvon couldn’t quite fit! In the end they removed the fitting and replaced it with one with a good drain valve. Kaitlyn removed and cleaned the air compressor air intake filter.

By the end of the dome cover was replaced and fastened down with new nuts.

Joe, Carl, Steve were also out, a great day with lots of great work accomplished.

A few things that could be done:

  • Start cleaning boiler cladding
  • Clean & paint white on the loco and drivers
  • Paint running boards black
  • Clean & paint boiler cladding in cab on engineers side
  • Charlie is going to finish coating in smokebox