Saturday we had a small but hard working group out. We decided to air test the superheaters, so Carl fired up both diesel air compressors & we used a large line from 1556 to #9 & got up to 70 psi in no time. I opened the throttle, snifters lifted & we found a couple of the forward ones, lucky here, had a small air leak at the manifold. We decided to drop the offending units & used the seating tool previously made in a drill to touch up the seats. The air was put to #9 again & all but one are now sealed. It was getting late in the day so unit marked for further attention, again some more lapping of the seat should do it.

Charlie & Norm finished applying the protective coating in the firebox. Joe & Kaitlyn started cleaning some of the white paint ready for painting. Later in the day we tackled torquing down the steam dome cover. Kaitlyn wanted to give it a go & Charlie helped her complete the job. We torque to 300 ft/lbs.

Carl had laid out the jigsaw of plate for baffles & screens, Irvon & self are going to redesign & hopefully make them simpler to put in & out.

There are still a number of tell tales to be drilled out. Leon had done some during the week, & a new supply of drills are on the sign-in table. When these completed the fire brick arches can go back in. Boiler cladding can be cleaned down ready for paint. We should also look at the fire door butterfly as it requires attention it was scrapping when opened.

The dome cover could go back on but it probably makes sense to clean & paint beforehand.

We realistically think it will be later in March before #9 is ready to go for test run. We need Mother Nature’s help to get ready of the accumulation of snow on the yard tracks & switches.