Work has been continuing over the last couple of weeks, all be it at a bit more of a relaxed pace.

Congratulations to John Kleinstueber he received his TSSA Certification.  This past Saturday Charlie finished installing the new superheaters, a job well done. A happy man for sure.

Steve has taken off the dyno for rebuilding, required a new thrust bearing and work on the governor. He found the Sunbeam dyno in the box car & went over & tested that will Carl & that has been installed on #9. Thoughts are this is the original unit. Steve & Carl were testing the rebuild.

We were going to start putting in the new firebricks but thought we better clean the tubes first.  Job is still open for anyone wanting to apprentice as a chimney sweep. Glen is working on the throttle, he used Prussian blue on the seat & found it to be slight out of round, so valve will have to be seated in. I got the three “try cocks” off cleaned them up & re-seated the valve seats. Joe was hard at work “putting his back” into cleaning & polishing the rods & valve gear and doing some lubrication. Kaitlyn was out to lend a hand.

This coming Saturday we hope to put some air in the boiler & test the superheaters for any leaks, hopefully none will be found.

Let’s keep up the momentum we still have a way to go.