Saturday saw another good work day. Unfortunately Kaitlyn did not make it out but Glen showed up & volunteered to climb into the firebox & finished drilling out the telltale stays & replaced the brick arches with help from Manley. All of us “full figured” guys were very appreciative that we did not have to try & squeeze ourselves through the hole.

All arches went in fine, all new except the very small side ones.  During the week Eugene from the fabrication shop had been over & measured up for the new baffles. These are now in 2 easily removable pieces and made of stainless steel. Charlie & Irvon spent the day getting these fitted, should give us a long life

The next job is to re-fit the petticoat pipe and the screens. At this moment we have not decide whether to re-furbish the old or make new depending on time. We will make a decision this week.

During the week Norm painted the Steam dome cover, looks great. Carl had worked on the butterfly door and cylinder, we power washed it ready for painting & installing back in.


Able bodied people to help paint, no experience necessary, on the job training available. We have lots of painting to get done, come on out & show your talent!!. Your choice of Black or White.

The work is coming along well. We hope to be in a position to test run within a month, depending on weather, snow melting, and coal supply.

David Banks