WCR Heritage Rail Bookends “Yellow”


Enjoy owning a piece of history with these rail bookends made by one of our volunteers from reclaimed rail from the Waterloo Spur. Each set of bookends is unique. This set features pale yellow along the top. This colour would have been painted onto the rail when it was marked for replacement. They also feature a 4, 8 and what would have been a hole used at a joint in the track.

This rail is almost a century old and has hosted thousands of trains making their way from Waterloo to Elmira. These pieces are full of character that has been worn into its steel from decades of trains rolling over it. Looking along the edges of the top of the rail you can see how it is unevenly worn, an effect of millions of pounds of railway stock weighing it down throughout history. 

All proceeds from WCR heritage bookend sales go directly back into Waterloo Central Railways restoration projects. Our non-profit railway thanks you for helping us restore and maintain our heritage equipment so we can continue bringing history to life.

(Books not included)

SHIPPING: THIS ITEM IS AVAILABLE FOR CURB SIDE PICK UP ONLY IN ST. JACOBS. Please contact beverly@waterloocentralrailway.com to arrange a pick up time.

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