Budd Coach 6006

Budd Coach 6006

The Budd Coach was built by the Budd Company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in December of 1956. The coach could originally hold 94 passengers and was a RDC-9 model, also known as RDC-5. It was owned by Boston & Maine Railroad (B&M) and was numbered B&M 6925.

It was built as an RDC-9 and not designed for independent operation but it controlled from either an RDC -1, 2, 3 or 4. Those units all had a control or engineer’s area at each end of the car as well as 2 diesel engines.

The RDC-9 has with one underslung water cooled 300 hp diesel engine with a direct drive shaft to the axles on one truck only. It was designed to carry 94 passengers.

During the 1960s, Canadian National Railway (CN) purchased a number of second-hand cars from American railways. The B&M 6925 was one of the coaches acquired by CN and was put into service in July of 1965. The car was numbered CN 6006 during its service at Canadian National Railway. CN installed small kitchens for a snack bar in some of the cars, though there was never a RDC Dining Car. These became the “D-” series and CN 6006 was also giving the number D-506.

The coach was designated to work for VIA Rails when VIA took over CN passenger service in 1978. The CN 6006 kept the same number and became VIA 6006 during its service at VIA Rail.

The coach was used on VIA Rail Canada until 1998 when the D.A.Walmsley Co. purchased the coach to add to their collection of railway equipment. In 2006, the D.A. Walmsley leased the coach to CANDO Rail Services for use on their Credit Valley Explorer rail tours on the Orangeville Brampton Railway.

In 2018, the Waterloo Central Railway purchased 6006 from the Credit Valley Explorer. Along with 6006, the WCR purchased coaches 2003 and 1978.


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March 6, 2018