No. 124 CLC 0-4-0 Switcher Steam Engine

No. 124 CLC 0-4-0 Switcher Steam Engine

No. 124 was purchased by the Beauharnois Light, Heat and Power Company along with 14 other identical steam locomotives. They were used to build the 15 mile Beauharnois canal, now part of the St. Lawrence Seaway. Construction started in 1929 when about 40 miles of track was laid and over 3000 men hired to continue the construction 24 hours a day. The locomotives were delivered in 1930 and worked various life spans with the original company.

No. 124, along with 121 were sold in May of 1945 to Falconbridge Nickel Mines and renamed and were renumbered 103 and 102 respectively. While there they were converted from oil fired to coal fired as oil was not suitable for the area they were working. 124 (103) continued at Falconbridge Nickel Mines until 1950, when it was sold to M. J. Poupore Lumber Co. A company owned by Falconbridge. 124 worked there for a undetermined amount of time, until it was sidelined.

In 1969 a CNR locomotive engineer by the name of Alexander​ P. Brown purchased 124 in poor condition, and restored it to operation on a short stretch of track at his home in Perry Sound. Upon Alex’s passing, 124 was bequeathed to Don Broadbear and SOLRS, where in 2003 work began on restoring 124 again.

In 2010 the locomotive was moved to our facility in St. Jacobs where work continues on 124.


Number No. 124
Type Steam
Description Builder No CLC #1896
Built February 1930
Builder Canadian Locomotive Company
Date Acquired 2002
Acquired From The estate of Alexander P Brown
Weight of Engine in Running Order 86, 500 lb.
Weight of Engine Empty 86, 500 lb.
Tractive Power, Maximum 17, 000
Water Capacity 4,500 US Gallons

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August 19, 2016