WCR 15000 Business Car

WCR 15000 Business Car

Our Business car 15000 was built in 1923 by the Canadian Car & Foundry (CC&F) for the Canadian National Railway. It was built as a 12 section 1 drawing room heavyweight sleeping car, numbered 1570. This business car was the most popular style of coaches for CNR, and many other railroads at the time. CNR ordered 8 groups of these sleeper coaches, totalling 126 cars that were delivered between 1919 and 1929. All of these sleeper coaches were named after municipalities along the CNR line, with our coach receiving the name of Jellicoe.

In 1949, CNR began a rebuild of their aging heavyweight sleeper coaches, starting with 20 of the 12-1 coaches; ours being one of them. They were given new sides, roof and end sheathing, to make them look like the newer lightweight coaches being built for the CNR ( Our other coaches 5504 and 3216 being some of the lightweights built at that time). The interior of the coach was changed significantly, changing the configuration to the 8-1-2 style (8 section, 1 drawing room and 2 cabins). The 8-1-2 style is the same as the lightweight sleepers built in the late 1930s. The braking system was also redone, removing the mechanical linkages in the system and the suspension was also redone at the time. The coach was  renumbered to be 1819 at the end of the overhaul and retained the name ‘Jellicoe’. The coach continued in this fashion until 1973, when it was moved to work train service.

When the coach was moved to work train service, CN sent it to be part of the ‘TEST’ program, measuring and recording track geometry. Our coach was renumbered to 15000, and converted to have house computer systems. They were used for measuring the curvature, wear, gauge alignment and surface profile of the track. The coach was also attached to a modified boxcar, which also contained work equipment. The car worked the maritime division, traveling the rails across the maritimes.

In 1995, CN sold 15000 to the Waterloo-St. Jacobs railroad, where the computer systems were removed and the car was converted to a business car. In  July of 2002, SOLRS acquired the coach from the Waterloo-St. Jacobs Railway.


The CN ‘TEST’ car configurations, including the converted boxcar, used along with our coach.


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August 19, 2016