WCR 482 Wide Vision Steel

WCR 482 Wide Vision Steel

482 was built in 1971 at CN’s Pointe St Charles shops in Montreal, Quebec from boxcars. The steel caboose were built to replace the wooden cabooses that were built in previous years. The caboose was numbered CN 79482.

There was some new features the cars are five feet longer than the previous models. Another feature on the caboose is the wide vision steel which means the cupola was located in the center of the car, instead of at the rear of the caboose like in older versions.

The caboose sat in the Dundas Subdivision were it wasn’t used much and time took its toll on the caboose. The caboose was acquired from CN in 2007. CN 79482 was renamed to WCR 482 and was restored at our St Jacobs Restoration shop and returned to active service.


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August 19, 2016