WCR 502

WCR 502

Number 502 was built in January of 1959 by Montreal Locomotive Works for Pacific Great Eastern Railway (PGE). Where the locomotive was numbered PGE 1002. In 1972, PGE changed the name of their railway to be British Columbia Railway (BCOL) due to the name change the locomotive became BCOL 1002. During the locomotives time at BCOL, it was also re-numbered BCOL 502.

Number 502 was sold to Vancouver Wharves (VWL) where the locomotive became VWL 827.

In 1996, the locomotive went to Ontario Southland Railway (OSR), where it’s number was restored to 502 and the locomotive 501 would later join it at OSR. There were originally three of these units at BCOL and two of the units were now reunited.

In 2018, 502 was acquired by Waterloo Central Railway along with 501.



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February 7, 2019