Elmira Wagon Rides

Take a wagon ride from where the train stops to the town of Elmira!

The Wagon Ride

Our regularly scheduled trains will take you to the Elmira stop where the wagon will be waiting to take you on a ride to the town! The wagon ride has commentary about the town and things/places that are being passed along the ride. The wagon is pulled by a tractor for added excitement and adventure! The wagon drops you off in town and will take you on a return trip. This return trip takes you back to the train so that the train can take you back to your desired stop.

Hop On and Off

Here are some of the reason to stop in Elmira and ride the wagon into town!

  1. Enjoy a guided bus tour exploring how the Mennonites of Elmira’s live.
  2. Take home some hand jarred mennonite food items for the family.
  3. Take the whole family to the Crossroads Family Restaurant and try their delicious buffet.
  4. Enjoy the irresistible aroma of freshly baked donuts, muffins and many other pastries spew out of Elmira Donuts & Deli.
  5. Bring home a cozy piece of Elmira – get a one of a kind quilt from Quilter’s Nine Patch Quilt shop.
  6. Nibble on various specialty cheeses or indulge in a slab of fudge at Kitchen Kuttings specialty comfort foods.
  7. Take a peaceful stroll through Bristow or Gibson park, both just minutes from the station.
  8. Strap on your bowling shoes and play a quick game at Elmira Bowl.
  9. Visit Tien Lee Restaurant, the only accessible Chinese food restaurant on the rail line.