On the Train

Enjoy the Journey!

Ride in a living piece of history!

Our equipment was either built in 1923 or in 1950:

  • Experience train travel like a 1920s first-class passengers in Midway Coach 1437.
  • See how a vacationer in the 1950s might have traveled in Coach 5504 or Coach 3216.

What to Expect

Train Amenities

Food & Drink

You may bring your own food and drink aboard. There’s also drinks and snacks available on the train when the snack bar is open (currently closed for the rest of the 2018 season). Please tidy your seats and deposit all garbage in the proper receptacles upon departure.

Snack Bar

We have a snack bar on board where you can purchase snacks and drinks to enjoy while experiencing the train. The Snack Bar is closed for the rest of the 2018 season.


Washrooms are available on board during our regular day trains.

For special events, there is washrooms available for use on the railway property. Use these bathrooms prior to boarding as we ask that you try to avoid using the onboard bathrooms during your Escape from Spellbound Prison Train, Santa Train and THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride as there will be performers in the aisles.


For special events such as the Great Train Robbery, Escape from Spellbound Prison Train, Santa Trains and THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Rides strollers are not permitted on the trains. We can accommodate strollers on our regular day trains. For the safety of our passengers and crew, all strollers must be collapsed for storage. Children may not ride in strollers while on board. 


Alcohol on Board

Alcohol is permitted on the train for your event or party with the proper permits and licensing in hand. We do not permit that you bring your own alcoholic beverages onto our train. If you are interested in having alcohol as a part of your event or party on the train, please contact us.

No Wheelchair Accessibility

Unfortunately at this time our historical train has very narrow steps up into the train and narrow doorway openings and aisles which do not allow for a wheelchair to pass. If the person is able to take steps we have volunteers that can offer a helping hand to assist to get them seated.

No Smoking

No smoking is allowed in any vehicle or in any building on our property, for the protection of our equipment, and in accordance with local bylaws and provincial legislation.


This is a seated activity with blocks of 4 seats facing each other and due to seat constrictions and very close quarters in our historical trains we would not recommend that pets be brought onboard.

Special Train Ride Experiences

Extra fun on the rails!

Introductory Train Engineer Experience

Sit in the engine with the engineer and drive the train! Learn more…

Crazy Caboose Parties

Host your own private party in our market-day train caboose! Learn more…

Private Train Car Charters

Charter your own private midway car or the entire train to create your own rolling venue! Learn more on our Charter Packages pages.