Train Engineer Experience

See the power of driving the train!
Join our train engineer in the cab, see the power of driving the train, and learn what makes this powerful locomotive ride the rails on this exact round-trip schedule!

Feel the Power of Driving the Train!

When: Scheduled Day Diesel Trains.

Board¬†& Depart: At the Farmer’s Market Road Stop.

Arrival: Please arrive 15 minutes in advance of departure time with your ticket and waiver printed.

Price: Includes the train ride. If under 16 yrs you must be accompanied by one adult who must purchase an Adult Ticket.

Identification: Please bring a form of ID.

Introductory Engineer Experience: Purchase your engineer experience by choosing the exact date/time. Bring your printed ticket and signed waiver with you to the Market station.

NOTE: You must wear closed toe shoes for this experience. Engineer Experiences are not offered on steam excursions.

Learn what makes this powerful locomotive run on the rails!

Choose your day train and select the “Introductory Engineer Experience”.