Over the past many months a lot of work has been done on re-engineering the boiler of #124 so we can get a submission into TSSA to get a CRN number (Canadian Registration Number) so restoration can begin to get back on the rails. Many months of work has been done by Steve Leis.He has literally spent weeks inside the firebox taking sheet thickness readings. These have to be done on a 2 inch grid, pain stacking work. Kaitlyn and her brother Peter did the job of marking the grid on the boiler and firebox. Readings were taken all over and then Steve has spent many months going through calculations and referencing appropriate standards to complete the required calculations.

This past Tuesday the TSSA inspector to go over the calculations and offer suggestions so we can complete our submission. Seventeen pages of detailed were reviewed. TSSA was very impressed with the work done to date and extremely helpful with a few suggestions to move ahead. The next step is we have to get an accredited NDT company to come in and do the “D” readings and prepare a report. The work that has been done already will save us quite a lot of money and Irvon has negotiated with a company that will give us a good price for doing the next step. Once that is done we have to prepare a few drawings and then we can prepare our submission. We hope to have this completed submission reviewed within the next 3 months.

Further Glen McKee has made up a very professional donation box (clear plastic) and sign; affixed to the loco. It works, the first day we got over $60 in donations and they keep coming, he is now preparing more for the diner and business car, simple but effective.


David Banks and Irvon Weber