Great Train Robbery

An Experience Kids, Parents and Grandparents will Love!

Great Train Robbery

Take a ride on a train that’s been transported back in time to the Wild West of the late 1800’s, a time of lawlessness and adventure. We’ll be traveling through untamed territory filled with gun-slinging cowboys and outlaws. Our train is transporting a large sum of golden coins from Elmira to the St. Jacobs’ Bank. With recent reports of horse-riding bandits in the area, we need all the help we can get in watching out across the frontier to spot any outlaws that might be after our precious gold cargo! This is an experience that all ages will love! You never know what might happen…

Dates to be announced

Great Train Robbery Schedule

The Great Train Robbery has been cancelled for July and August 2020.

$19.99 per adult*

$14.99 per child*

Above price available online only. Walk-up price is $21.99/adult and $16.99/child.
All prices plus tax and fees.

Waterloo StationFarmers' Market StationSt. Jacobs Village StationElmira Station
Elmira StationSt. Jacobs Village StationFarmers' Market StationWaterloo Station

The train leaves SHARP at its scheduled departure time. Late arrivals cannot be accommodated, and no refunds will be issued.

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