Rail School

Learn to drive a train or become a conductor!


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Format: In class, online and onboard our trains.
For: Approved applicants 18+ years of age.
Cost: Please press Enroll for more information.
Outcome: Certification.
Certifications For: Engineer, Conductor, or Safety Crew.

Have you ever wanted to drive a train or be a conductor? Believe it or not, you can achieve your first certificate in less than 3 hours! The course takes place in class, online and onboard our trains.

The only rail school in South-Western Ontario, our recognized course certifies approved applicants for the positions of Engineer, Conductor, or Safety Crew.

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Certification Details

Hands-On Opportunities to Drive our Trains

To become an engineer or conductor, you will need to log hours on the train with our certified operators before you are certified. Once certified, you can sign up whenever you wish to be one of our daily operators and take control of our running trains throughout the year!


3 Positions: Safety Crew, Engineer, and Conductor

 Safety Crew: Loads passengers and helps in case of emergencies.
1 level


Engineer: In charge of operating the locomotive from the engine.
Class time: 5 hours
Hands-on operational time: as needed

Conductor: In charge of the movement of the locomotive and the staff onboard.
6 levels
Class time: 5 hours
Hands-on operational time: as needed

Progress at your own Pace


You’re in charge of how long this course takes. When you sign up, we’ll have you come to our location and do a walk-through to introduce you to our equipment. You will be given an overview and books to take home with you. If you prefer, we can send you PDF versions of the booklets instead. We will send you the first level’s work and you can come in for your exam whenever you’re ready.

The course is a mixture of online and in-class work, as well as onboard training.

Exams at each Level

For each level there is an exam. Don’t worry—they’re all open-book, so you will always have your manual there just in case. It’s as simple as that! Exams are held at one of our locations and are supervised by our certified teachers.

A Certificate for Each Level

You will receive a certificate for each level you pass. In addition, you will receive a frameable certification to hang in your home to show that you are certified to operate a train. We will also proudly display a copy of your certification on our wall.

Course Levels & Commitment
  1. Passenger Handling, Safety & Emergency Procedure Rules
    1h study time.
  2. Work/Rest Rules For Railway Operating Employees
    1h study time.
  3. Freight & Passenger Train Brake Inspection & Safety Rules
    4h study time.
  4. Safety Critical, Safety Sensitive, Shop & Maintenance Positions
    2h study time.
  5. Canadian Rail Operating Rules
    10h study time.
  6. Safety Management System
    10h study time.

Experience the Train before you Sign Up

Prospective engineers, test our market train through our introductory engineer experience. Sit in the front seat of the cab and see and feel the power of what it takes to run the train. This introductory experience does not require any certifications.

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If dates/times are not listed on the page, we aren’t currently running classes. Please check back for when classes are available.