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Are you filming a movie or TV production with a train or railway scene? Our heritage trains and unique countryside offer picturesque and flexible opportunities for photography and film shoots. Waterloo Central Railway has been used in many films, TV shows, and music videos. We offer several passenger coaches, club and dining cars, baggage cars, private business cars, freight cars and diesel and steam locomotives that can be used for your production.

Why scout Waterloo Central Railway for your next production or photoshoot?

  • The entire train or individual cars are available for use 
  • Equipment can be mixed and matched as needed
  • Film from the interior or exterior of our trains
  • We can accommodate moving and static train scenes and help you determine the best location along our rail line
From the 1920s to the 1960s...

Historic Rail Equipment

Rates are based on the equipment used and the length of time each piece of equipment is in use. The type of railway operation may also be taken into effect. Please note we are a licensed operating railway and must operate in accordance with the requirements of our railway license.

To explore the possibilities and scout the railway, please contact us.


Steam Locomotive No.9
Diesel Locomotive No.1001
Diesel Locomotive No.1002
Diesel Locomotive No.6593


Passenger Coach 1437 Clerestory Roof
Passenger Coaches 3216, 5504, 5506, 5628
Club-Dining Car 6006
Private Business Car 15000
Baggage Car 8751 – Clerestory Roof
Baggage Cars 4560 & 4565
Flat Car
Tank Car
Steel Box Cars (2)


TH&B 61 – 100 year old wood & sell caboose
CNR 482 – steel, modified for passengers
CPR 1040 & 1041 Steel cabooses

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